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11.12.2017 - 08:46 Uhr


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Premiumanzeige Doll House for Collectors
Looking for a collector's doll house - The Victorian Age is usually associated with the reign of Queen Victoria. She reigned from 1837 to 1901 and many historians date the beginning of the New Age with the start of her reign. Most Britons were still poor but the middle and upper classes experienced a Golden Age which of course was reflected by their houses.

Dive into this glamorous age with this doll house for adults. Every doll collector\'s heart will skip a beat upon seeing these intricately designed houses. The houses are 180cm high. The first part is 370cm wide and contains the 13 rooms of the masters and the other part is 150cm and contains the servants\' and the utility rooms. Every room has electric lights. A small garden with a pond is situated between the two parts. On one wall you can see a rolled up garden hose and a watering pot right beside the well\'s water pump.

Let us have a closer look at the rooms. There is the sleeping room where the master\'s wife is sitting on a bed with her baby in her arms. The style of the clothes and furniture is distinctively Victorian. There are countless tiny details. You can even see some clothes in the wardrobe.

There are more than 30 figurines which have been handcrafted by Jill Bennetts and Angelika Mannersdorfer who are well-known for their lifelike miniatures.

There is an eating baby sitting in a high seat in the kitchen and on the large table there is some food, and dishes are scattered. In the foreground the housekeeper can be seen with a rolling pin in one hand and a baking tray in the other. In the background you can see a typical stove with the usual utilities and its copper smoke outlet. The ground of the room is tiled and the detailed shelves on the walls are packed with more plates and glasses of various kinds. Further we can see one shelf with porcelain that probably contain spices. A fully functional lamp is hanging from the ceiling and a few historic lamps are placed around the walls. Like all lamps around the house they are powered by a 12V power source. In the foreground of the house we can see a set of lovingly planted decorative pots which give the whole set a homely feel.

As doll house collector you will be able to dive into the abundance of details of the Victorian Age of the Empire. All of the doll house\'s furniture pieces are handcrafted to utmost perfection after their historic counterparts.

Surely we must admit that there is an abundance of doll houses for adults sporting a large assortment of furniture choices but you will not find a house crafted with this attention to details. This text only describes a few of the many details. This house has been crafted over the course of five years and the material costs alone exceed 25.000€ (provable).

The current owners have to sell this doll house with a heavy heart due to moving and it is important to them that this intricate Victorian doll house is placed into good hands. Both parts are only sold as a set. Maybe you like storytelling with doll houses and miniatures or are a passionate collector of doll houses, and with this offer you have the unique chance to buy a house that is truly one of a kind. It is probably worth more than any price anyone could offer but if you are interested you can submit your offer.

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doll house for collectors

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